Sub-sahara Corridors
Corporation Ltd

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About Sub-sahara Corridors Coporation Ltd

Sub Sahara Corridors Corporation Limited (SSCCL) is a limited liability company incorporated in the United Republic of Tanzania.

The company’s business focus includes:

1. Construction and management of petroleum products pipeline across the southern axis of Tanzania
2. Wholesale trade in petroleum products
3. Building of petroleum storage tank farms in southern Tanzania particularly in Mtwara and Makambako
4. Construction of a 30megawatts gas turbine power plant in Southern Tanzania

SSCCL has since commenced feasibility studies for the building of the “Sub Sahara Pipeline Project” after obtaining clearances from the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC) and Energy & Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA).The Sub Sahara Bomba Pipeline will revolutionize the transportation of petroleum products in Sub Sahara Africa, capturing about 25% of the entire volume of petroleum products traded in Tanzania and between 25%-35% of the volumes traded in Zambia and Democratic Republic of Congo.

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